Video: OJF Announces 3-Days of Fun September 8th, 9th & 10th.

The Oxnard Jazz Festival is proud to be back for a second year and its bigger and better. Now offering a luxury destination weekend that the entire family can enjoy. From golfing and fine dining to spas and activities for your kids, this is the perfect way to end your summer vacation.

Stay tuned for more details on VIP packages and discounts on products and services from local businesses. Β 


  1. We went last year, didn’t really care for the local High School jazz band playing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that these are young kids that are interested in Jazz, but I don’t think I want to spend $200 on tickets and another $100 on food and drinks to listen to local off key talent. But we’re going to go because we enjoyed Howard Hewitt and Poncho Sanchez they were amazing! Hope I didn’t offend anyone, we love good music and we’re so glad that we finally have jazz/smooth jazz in Oxnard. Thank you, looking forward to September. πŸ₯‚πŸŽ·πŸŽΊπŸŽΌ

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    1. Thank you for your feedback and support. Now that the new lineup and events have been announced. We hope that this year we provide more variety. Look forward to partying with you. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook for a chance to win VIP tickets!


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