Performing Live: Malo Anthology

The MALO Anthology concert showcase depicts the chronological music history of the legendary latin rock group, MALO. The showcase includes the music, writers, composers, singers and many of the artists that were and still are part of the MALO journey from their 1972 debut self titled wax album project, “MALO” that produced the all time MALO Classic, “Suavecito” through Señorita in 1996, “Latin Legends Live, ” 1997 and, “MALO En Vivo” in 2005.

MALO emerged in the early 1970’s along with many San Francisco Bay Area artists and groups to include legendary Latin Rock icon Carlos Santana. These groups, led by the global acceptance and success of “Santana”, earned great prominence and came to establish the original American music art form known as Latin Rock.

MALO Anthology artists include singer, Richard Bean the co composer and voice on the original recording of, “Suavecito”, Leo Rosales, Tom Poole, Tony “El Conguero” Menjivar, Gabriel Manzo, Frank Bailey (AKA Frankie B), Martin Cantu, Aki Starr, Victor Bejarano, Victor Bejarano Jr, Mike Rinta and Ramiro Amador.

Combined, the show features four decades of artists that were a key part of the core of the MALO music experience. The showcase maintains an element of historical authenticity due to this. The MALO Anthology showcase is comprised of a full horn and percussion compliment, and a chronological presentation of MALO vocalists and music. The show consists of up to 14 artists and is designed to accommodate requests for festivals and concerts for up to a 2 hour concert music showcase.

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